Tomatoes watered by the sea

Isn’t it remarkable that we recognise the fact that the world faces huge problems in terms of water, energy and food security – and yet we tend to tackle these as separate problems, as if they have no interconnections.

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Tomatina Spanish Tomato is held annually in August

In the South-eastern Spanish town of Bunol an estimated 40,00 people took part in the annual tomato fight that is held on the last Wednesday in August. Bunol is a well renowned vegetable growing region. ‘La Tomatina’ lasts only an hour or two and originates from the 1940s battles between local friends. Now it is a highlight on the European tourist calender.


Another great season for hydroponic tomatoes – and okra !

Well, its been a tough season for growing tomatoes. A major problem has been the constant heavy rains. We like to tell you to keep the leaves dry, but how can you ? Well actually you can, but you have needed to grow them in a greenhouse like Jimmy has in the Autopot hydroponics store here at Gardenworld.

While the rest of us have had to put up with bacterial spots and verticillium wilt. Jim has been growing trusses of rich red tomatoes. While the rest of us have green tomatoes that are about a month behind schedule, Jim has been eating fully ripe toms for most of the year!

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