Apollo 3

“Early to Fruit”

The classic early to fruit variety. By early, I mean that it will set fruit at around 22 deg, whereas a mid season variety needs around 25 degrees to set fruit. This means Apollo would also be good in cooler regions like the Adelaide Hills, the Dandenongs, or Blue Mountains. Apollo 3 is a vast improvement over the old Apollo, which was much more prone to bacterial speck. The fruit shape is round.

This plant is a tall grower, so pinch out early sideshoots. Two main leaders (branches) should be developed although the plant will cope with more leaders if well fed. If you have more leaders, you usually get more fruit, but of a slightly smaller size. I have actually seen this variety being grown with one leader.It was growing up a pole at a nursery called Gardenworld in Keysborough, Victoria. It was at least 15 feet high – with many trusses of good fruit.