Black Russian


Another old heirloom variety that seedsaver groups have been producing for over a hundred years. Like most black flowers, the fruit is actually a purple colour. ┬áIt is a rich, meaty, old fashioned flavoured tomato. You won’t see them commercially available very often, as they would need to be freighted like peaches, or picked before fully ripe.

My mate grew one of these at the base of an old Hills Hoist clothes line. It grew berserk. We worked out that birds had been perching on the clothes line and their droppings had made the ground extremely fertile. Apparently though, birds are not attracted to the fruit, as like us, they are much more used to a tomato being red. If you have constant blackbird trouble, why not try some.

As the name suggests, this would be a good tomato to try in cooler regions. It will grow to a medium height, and I have grown one with no pinching, and didn’t even stake the plant. It grew into a bit of a blob, but I got plenty of fruit. I would suggest staking though.

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