Father Tom

“Disease Resistant”

Father Tom is a hybrid tomato, bred for being disease resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Nematodes, Fusarium, Verticillium, Cladasprorium, Fusarium and Stemphylium. It is a variety grown by seedling growers Oasis Australia, who describe it as a gourmet type tomato.

Medium sized, globe shaped fruit with an average weight of 140-150 grams. Strong foliage provides fruit with good protection from sunburn. Father Tom fruit is quite firm so it may be left on the vine and harvested at a full, red ripe colour and still have good shelf life, lasting 14-18 days after harvest, at ambient temperatures. This is a mid season tomato that should be harvestable after about 10 weeks. It is also suitable for indoor hydroponic growing

I met of a couple of farmers up at The Henty Field Days, who were having problems with tomato diseases. I told them to try the Father Tom, and they rang me a few months later, saying how rapt they were with the results.

This plant is a tall grower, so pinch out early sideshoots. Two main leaders (branches) should be developed although the plant will cope with more leaders if well fed. If you have more leaders, you usually get more fruit, but of a slightly smaller size.