Green Zebra

“Striped Fruit”

Green Zebra has medium to small sized fruit, with spectacular striping, and very sweet old fashioned flavour. Like many other heirloom tomatoes, you won’t see the fruit commercially available very often, as they would need to be freighted like peaches, or picked well before fully ripe. I have seen them in the organic sections of markets, but in very small numbers. Farmers markets also welcome them at various times of the year throughout Australia. Chefs ¬†love the rich flavour, cute size and outstanding colours of these fruit. Even the name sounds trendy. This tomato won a taste test that at a local Melbourne nursery¬†a few years ago. People were apprehensive because it was green, but once tasted, they loved it.

A medium bush, the plant can be grown without pinching or staking, although I would recommend staking to keep the fruit off the ground.