KY 1

“Dwarf and Bushy”

Tomato KY1

An old favourite with quite a few tomato growers. It is a vigorous, open pollinated dwarf bush variety that doesn’t need pinching. Can be grown without stakes.

My mate grew this a couple of years ago in front of his little factory. He got enough fruit to feed his family, and the families in the two factories next door. No-one could believe how heavily this little fella fruited.

As you can see the fruit is slightly segmented in shape and sometimes can show this characteristic even a little more. It makes a very good cooking tomato and is fantastic as a sauce.

Usually seedlings are available in punnets of 6 or 8, making them extra good value. Make sure to plant it on the northern side of the taller varieties, so it doesn’t get blocked from the sun. Being an open pollinated variety, you can save the seed, but collect it from the best specimen plants.