“High Yield”

This one fruits like dreadlocks on a rastafarians head. An egg shaped roma that is a tall grower with phenominal yield. One older bloke in Surrey Hills in Melbourne reckons he got 1000 tomatoes off 4 plants. Pinch out a few of the early sideshoots to promote existing branches. Can suffer from blossom-end rot, if not watered regularly, or decifient in calcium. It is however a hybrid and will grow strongly. There is some size difference in fruit, but typical size is about that of an egg.

This is a thicker skinned roma, so therefore is perfect for drying and saucing. Tends to yield all at once, so be prepared with how you use your harvest. This is what I call a “fun” tomato to grow.

Will grow well in a pot with a tomato cage. Make sure the cage is well anchored, as this one sets it’s bountiful fruit.