Tommy Toe

“Sweet Flavour”

A large cherry tomato, sometimes the size of an apricot, although some years a tad smaller. An old heirloom variety that is tall growing and has very sweet fruit. Can get very tall, so pinch out growth tips when plant gets to desired height. Would be a good climber up a verandah pole – as long as you get plenty of that afternoon sun.

In 1993 , The Diggers Seed Company had a tomato taste test. Official tasters included prominent chefs, gardening experts and other interested people, all turning up to Diggers at Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Out of all the tomatoes tasted (over 100), Tommy Toe came up number one.

This plant is a tall grower, so pinch out early side-shoots. Two main leaders (branches) should be developed although the plant will cope with more leaders if well fed. Clive Blazey from Diggers doesn’t pinch any side-shoots from his plants, and reckons he gets more fruit. I still think taking the first few side-shoots out aids airflow. See my growing page for more details on pinching out these laterals.